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Those who complain about meetings and work often contribute the least. When they successfully complete one project, everyone will be aware of it, and because they will have made it a huge deal, people will likely think it is a significant accomplishment.

Those that routinely provide high-quality work are sometimes quiet about their achievements because they are more concerned with getting the job done than with promoting themselves. When they fail, it’s generally because they’re overworked and yet continue to work. They don’t complain or seek aid.

One brags too much, the other not enough.

Self-promotion is a valid professional technique, but it must be complemented by personal and team performance.

Great work counts, but it must be shared with the correct leaders so “silent” geniuses can be recognized, developed, and rewarded.



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You are supposed to stand when others are seated.

Lift your HEAD to the heavens…

When Everyone Around You Is Asleep

On foot, traverse the fields.

When everybody else is walking..

Maintain LIVING optimism for the future…

while some mature further

You must behave in opposition to what others believe.

So that you can be what others cannot perceive.



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“Passion” is a wholly subjective concept, and there are elements to consider while making decisions about one’s life and profession that acquiring and analyzing objective evidence can be difficult.

The phrase of “following your passion” carries with it several connotations that can actually work against people’s attempts to achieve success. Because it is widely believed that having a strong interest in anything would always be fun or that having a strong motivation will make it easier to pursue, people are prone to giving up too soon when faced with inevitable problems or hurdles.

Instead, people should concentrate on “creating a passion” rather than “following a passion.” Passion is created through devoting time and energy to a particular subject, instead of the other way about.



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In the shadows, truth was born.
In quietness, awareness arose.
In Serenity comprehension arose.
In the midst of chaos, wisdom blossomed.

In the shadows, Legacy was born
In quietness, the present was conceived.
In solitude, the future arose.
In the beginning, time was chaotic.

In the shadows, Light was born
In solitude, melody was created.
In quietness, the airflow was born.
Essence was created in a state of disarray.

In the Shadows, The land was born.
In silence, water was created.
In stillness, substance was created.
Universe was made in a state of chaos.

In the Shadows, Human was born
In silence, the world was created.
In secrecy, the cosmos was born.
“Crisis was the birthplace of the universe.”



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Kiran Tandon

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