Don’t Complain… CREATE

Look around you and name ten things you hate. Easy enough, right?

Now do the opposite. Quite hard?

Our brains are programmed with a negative bias, the ones who can overcome it, either through conscious efforts or through their optimistic wiring, are the ones who succeed in the end. We face many hassles daily, which aren’t always pleasant, understandably, one would feel annoyed and jump into the bandwagon of complaining. You might have the impulse to shout, but take a step back. Look at the bright side, if you’re stuck in traffic maybe you’ll get 5 more minutes with your favourite song. That’s something to look forward to, right? If you choose this option, you look at the glass as half full and I appreciate you for that.

If a situation is in your control and you feel the urge to complain, simply change it; if it is beyond your control, let it go. Don’t waste 5 minutes on something that won’t matter to you in 5 years. Regardless, if you feel strongly about a problem, then bring it to the table to deliberate and discuss, but believe in yourself and the cause. Don’t just complain about the darkness in the world, but bring some light into it.

It all starts by transforming the negative energy into something positive. Take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Are small things worth your time? Your mental space has constraints. Don’t unnecessarily cloud your brain. Complaining is a huge deterrent to happiness because it kills hope, and it doesn’t benefit us at all. Moreover, whenever you feel the need to complain, look around you, and name the things you are grateful for. This would not only change your perspective but also help you understand that you have enough.

When a child can put together a few odd objects during the best out of waste activity and create something beautiful, you, a mature adult, can too. Just take a step back and relax. Spend the time you waste complaining, on jotting down the things that make you happy so that you can devote more time to them. Soon you’ll start to love the world a little more too. The sun will appear warmer, the books will appear crisper, and life will seem a little bit easier.

Keep learning and creating a better version of yourself. Maybe honour Robert Frost by taking the “high road,” or, ‘the road less travelled’ and be happy because happiness has a domino effect. A smile in passing can make someone’s day, and yours too. Remember, while one is complaining, someone is breaking through mountains and carving a path for themselves. Where there is a will, there is a way. Don’t complain, Create.



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Kiran Tandon

Kiran Tandon

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