Healing with Nature-How it works?

Kiran Tandon
2 min readApr 4, 2022
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Nature, the definition of a sublime entity, is filled with dread and doom, but when those flowers bloom, my eyes crinkle up at the corners and my lips steal a smile.

Just as Shakespeare exclaimed, “One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.” I often turn to nature with a book in my hand, hoping it will embrace me and make me feel safe, and it never fails to greet me with open arms.

It’s overwhelming living in an online world when the only thing you want is to plug out and just sit amidst the green and inhale the imagery while it relaxes you and makes your heart full. The rays of the sun, feel like a crushing hug. A random sign, birds flowing in a line. Bask in the glory of this microcosm and never forget that the earth delights in feeling your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.

Bow to the Prophet who reminds us of this every day. But the reality is harsher than this narrow escape of preaching. At times when the world comes to a standstill and anxiety, stress, and the daily hassles cloud our minds, nature provides us with a welcome relief, whether it is from sitting under its bower or providing a cool breeze, some delicious fruits, and plenty of oxygen.

Sylvia Plath surely put my thoughts into words when she felt her lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery and thought that this is what it means to be happy.

There’s something about the luscious green that has the power to instantly attract us and make us feel at home. Whether it is the cyan sea that reflects its turquoise purity on to its beholders or the brown mountain which makes us feel closer to the Earth, the white never fails to offer peace to a turbulent soul in search of solace.

We are trapped in the artifices of this modern world, but it’s important to understand where we come from and what roots us to this larger entity called Earth. We are born out of nature and will one day be submerged into it.

All that man needs for health and healing is found in nature itself, and it’s important to accept its need. Being with nature reduces anger, fear, stress, and anxiety and creates a feeling of contentment. It also reduces muscle tension, heart rate, and blood pressure, so it will be safe to call nature our personal doctor. Nature gives us hope. A plant grows even when we don’t consciously plant a seed.

It tells us that you don’t have to be methodical or live by the book. You can flow and fit yourself in a nurturing environment and grow into a whole plant and shock the so called knowledgeable human beings.

Kiran Tandon

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