How to Follow your True Passion

What makes you get up every morning and never let you sleep? What sets your soul on fire but is your safe place? And as Lucifer says, “Darling, what is it that you truly desire?”

I hope you have an answer for me because mine is ready.

There are some things that stay with you throughout your life. One such thing that lives rent-free in my mind was when my teacher appreciated me for my writing. It wasn’t something grand, but the simple process of making tea, my words made it bask in its sublime glory and gave it life. For years, I searched for my Ikigai, but my eureka moment was when I found out that, in one way or another, my work was keeping me in touch with my passion. When I finally connected the dots, the words that built my life gave it meaning too. I don’t think we can follow our dreams and ‘play it safe’ at the same time. Our dreams may change, but that feeling, that unyielding and mysterious desire to do something, to be someone, doesn’t. That’s when I decided to follow my true passion, which was expressing myself and being heard. While doing that, I formed countless invisible connections with people around the world. I love interacting with people of all kinds and expressing my spirit to everyone that my voice and art can reach, whether it is through talks or through my writing. I want my voice to reach the farthest ends of the earth because that’s what I live for.

Humans spend a lot of time trying to find the purpose of their lives. Finding your true passion is a long journey within oneself and self-love. It isn’t something you can figure out in a day, but it’s something that you would want to do every day. Something which does not let you sleep at night but is the reason you wake up every day with a smile on your face. It’s like finding your purpose in life, the one thing that’ll make your heart smile and your face glow. Where work doesn’t seem like a burden but feels like love. Where you don’t have to forcefully romanticise your life because you are in love with what you do.

You will come across many paths in life, and if you’re destined for one thing, hopefully, they will all lead you there. But I understand that not everyone can be that privileged to follow their passions completely and wholeheartedly. I suggest finding small specks of happiness in all things you do and making time for things that light up your lives, because when you grow and feel happy, everyone around you can feel it too.

All I am saying is, do you remember the one thing that was with you through sleepless nights, exhilarating days, and stressful weeks, the one thing, except for coffee, that kept you going? Do you remember what you lived for? Let me tell you, it isn’t too late to go for it, and as the Hindi phrase goes, ‘jab jaago tabhi savera,” now is the right time. For a second, be selfish and embrace wholeheartedly what makes you truly happy. But sometimes “following your dreams” also means taking time off, taking it slow and easy, giving yourself the time and opportunity to dig deep down and find the dream within yourself. It’s completely okay to take time, and I believe in you and your capability to accept yourself and your passions.

What helped me was abandoning the what ifs and embracing the endless possibilities that made me jump in excitement, so much so that now my mind never rests, because what was once a dream is now my reality. I’m not a pawn of destiny; I am the author of my own story. I make my plot, solve my problems, create my climax, find my resolution, and search for my happy ending.

I would also urge you to introspect and tell us in the comment section about what makes you wake up every day and take us through your journeys of finding true passion.



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