Make Time.. What you do outside of Work Matters

Kiran Tandon
3 min readMar 22, 2022
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As we try to catch up with the fast-moving metro and the even faster wings of the clock, we experience life flowing through our grasp like sand through hollow glass. I still try again every time to hold sand and stop time, even if it’s for a second, so that I can breathe and live slowly and artistically, like the clouds flowing through the air at their own pace, loving the journey and growing as we go. None of us wants to get lost in this time lapse, but do we stop? Can we step out of this repetition and make time for ourselves, our lives, our families and just do something that we love?

We are sculpted to look at life as a routine, and we run behind the idea of making our lives happy, but while climbing the ladder, we forget to make each day happy. We forget that how we spend our days is exactly how we spend our lives. We end up making our jobs our lives rather than looking at them as a part of it. In the present, it may not seem like a big deal, but in retrospect, our hobbies, side projects, and even the daily chores add up to our life experiences over time and add value to our lives.

I hope you ask yourself today, what have you always wanted to do but never got around to doing it? Let me remind you that we have 24 hours in a day, and a typical shift is 8 hours, leaving you with 16 hours to do something other than your routine.

We have a tendency to fill time by just sitting around, watching TV, and eating unhealthily. Sorry for the reality check, but all it does is make life bleak because you don’t have anything meaningful to look forward to. Instead, spend time with your family, or draw, or listen to music, learn something new, or do anything that can detach you from your routine and bring excitement back to your life.

People have very weird ideas about what it means to be an adult. A classic stock figure is someone who works a lot, has a good salary, can pay the bills, and has everything but that cliche is still unhappy. Along the way, we stop being ourselves and forget the small things that gave us joy, probably because we thought we were too old for it or it just got lost along the way. Adult life is more than work, paying bills and marriage. It’s about going out with your friends. It’s about buying silly things that have no purpose but to bring you a little joy. It’s about having fun and living your life to the fullest.

Your hobbies don’t have to be perfect, just keep doing them if they make you happy. If there’s anything you can’t stop talking about, just do it. Do you love to read? Do you love handbags? Do you love make-up? Do you love cooking? Do you love plants? Do you like to make YouTube videos? What about that TV show you can’t stop watching? Do you love to take pictures? Do you love writing fan fics? Do you love painting? Are you into diamonds, crystal, glitter, and jewellery?

Do it! Love it! Find your passion and hone in on it! Ignore what other people have to say about it. The only thing that matters is that you love to do it. That it makes you happy.

If sitting around doing nothing makes you feel guilty, please know that it’s capitalism that bases your entire self-worth on producing value. Just “being” is enough. Your inherent value isn’t decided by how much money you earn or how productive you are. So, go ahead and take a break if you need to. Being an adult doesn’t mean you have to be a machine. Be unapologetically yourself and go live your best life.

Kiran Tandon

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