She is Tough.. She is Ambitious

image Courtesy: Yourtango

She is incandescent and reeks of fire

She’s everything a human can desire

A piece of art, like lucifer’s crying heart

She’s awake but didn’t get a wink of sleep

Her dreams power through her veins like caffeine

She’s tough she’s strong

She knows what she wants

It’s easy how I can see it in her, day by day her fire grows a little bit brighter

She’s riveting, a mystery, a human emotion with no history

A warm embrace,

She holds my hand and pulls me through with grace

But when she burns, her hunger surpasses human bounds

It will satiate only when her ambitions are crowned

A spark of conscience blazes through her actions

Her words are short and crisp attracting no traction.

She looks at you with her heart full

Hoping you could see through her, like she sees through you

Unapologetically she struts with strength and grace

too tough to be called with disdain

She won’t climb mountains to be thrown off by mere roadblocks

She won’t dim her light for no one, but will handout sunglasses in return

She doesn’t back down, she isn’t afraid

She’s tough she’s strong

And she stands tall like a mountain embraced by the serene azure

She likes to look for herself in every soul she sees

She’s bold, she claims her space

And makes it for those who don’t have the same

Her name’s ambition and she’s fed up with her maligned name



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Kiran Tandon

Kiran Tandon

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